Fee & Charges

Jal Kal Varanasi can collect a fees as decided by the byelaws for water availability, sewer connection, its disconnection and reconnection, enquiry or scrutiny or any other service executed or scrutinized.

Water-Outlay :-

Jal Kal Varanasi would decide the outlay of the water made available by it through a gazetted notification as follows :-

(1) According to the volume, it would decide the minimum outlay of way in context of each connection (P 70). 
(2) Instead of deciding water outlay according to volume, Jal Kal Varanasi could accept a fixed (ascertained) amount on the basis of water consumption in stipulated period of time.

Rent of Metre :-

Jal Kal Varanasi can accept the rent for Meter as per decided and arranged by the byelaws.

Guarantee :-

Jal Kal Varanasi can demand a guarantee, as arranged by the byelaws, from the consumer for using the meter or being connected with the sewer. But, Jal Kal Varanasi would pay interest on the deposited amount as per the rates ascertained by Nigam